Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How to copy the content from a localhost install to a live hosted website

How to export the data from your DotNetNuke localhost install to a live hosted website.

DotNetNuke has the option to create a template. This allows you to create a template of your local setup and use it to rebuild the remote site.

Creating a template allows you to export all of the content you have created in your modules (in the localhost install), this will include all of the data from events, FAQ etc - even the skin settings you have applied per page.

What this means is that you don't have to create a backup of your localhost database & upload it, all you have to do is create a template & DNN will take care of the rest.- easy eh?!

If you are exporting the data from a custom module, you need to ensure that the developer has enabled the import / export data function otherwise this method will not work.

Tip: make sure that you have not changed any namings of skins / modules from your localhost install to the actual live install otherwise this will not work.

1) Install the DNN default install first onto your live site
The install procedure: This is (very basically) what you would normally do: (I will cover this in a later tutorial)
a) Upload all of the DNN install files to your hosting provider (You can download from DNN just the install files that are needed, rather than the full source)
b) Create an SQL Database with a username & password
c) Adjust your web config file to the username & password you specified
d) Type in your URL into a web browser
e) Upon opening DNN automatically installs all of the necessary files to your database
f) You now have a working copy of DNN

2) Install the skins, containers and extra modules you require, upload your logo
The Free DotNetNuke Tutorial: Quick Start Guide Video explains how to upload a logo.

3) from your localhost install, Export the template of that portal - Through Host / Portals / Export Template (make sure you tick export content)

4) DNN will tell you where it has saved the template - there will be 2 files that you need to copy (they will have the name that you specified when you exported the template)

5) Upload these 2 files to the same folder within your live install

6) In your live install go to the top admin control panel - on the rhs select Wizard

7) Choose the template you have just uploaded and select REPLACE content

8 + 9) Choose the default Skins and Containers that you originally specified in your localhost install (in the Admin menu / Site Settings)
(If you have selected different skins for each page, DNN will automatically sort this out for you as long as you have previously uploaded all of the skins and containers)

10) Enter your sites details - the Title, description etc.

11) Choose a logo

12) Click on Finish

13) DNN will automatically install your template with the settings you specified

14) Click on Home to view your complete site with the pages & content from your localhost install

DNN will install your own custom modules to the pages you had in your localhost install, but if it doesn't install the data, then you can transfer that across from your localhost database to your live database using Enterprise Manager & all should work fine.

As I stated above, if a custom module does not export / import the data using the Templates this will be because they haven't enabled the import / export function.

- This information I have compiled together from answering questions in the forum, if you want to see the full discussion, you can see it here:


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