After trying out every Drupal module and combination of modules out there for image upload I was still frustrated and decided to design my own. I wanted to be able to:

  • Upload an image
  • Have thumbnails generated automatically
  • Specify size to resize to of one or both of the thumbnail and big image
  • Browse and choose images from my uploaded library, specify float, alt attributes, link to options, and have the HTML generated for me and pasted into my node at the current cursor position.

I really like the image upload feature built into Wordpress but it lacks in just a few areas:

  1. Thumbnail resizing is hard coded to a very small image that you can’t change
  2. You can’t resize the main image after uploading so if you have a very large image from your digital camera you can’t make it a reasonable size for the web
  3. You can’t have WP insert float left or right into your image tag for you which is something I do a lot in blog posts and Drupal sites.

So I designed this new Drupal image upload module, Image Picker to function just like the Wordpress image upload but with all the extras I want.

Download Image Picker

Here are some screenshots:

Upload an Image
Image Upload

Insert Image into Node
Image Upload

Browse All Uploaded Images
Image Upload

Edit an Image You’ve Uploaded
Image Upload

All of these features can be performed from within new/update of a node just like Wordpress so you can upload while you compose your content. For more info on use, see the readme file in the module. This module is only for Drupal 5.xx. I’d like to thank Algirdas Simutis for all of his hard work on this module I was so picky about :)

Download Image Picker