Thursday, October 8, 2009

9 Useful jQuery Calendar And Date Picker Plugins


Event calendars and date pickers are really useful plugins for web applications. Wordpress does have a date picker, which allow bloggers to schedule the article.

I am a big fan of jQuery, so i always use jQuery Calendar plugins to accomplish my tasks when the clients asked me to implement an event caldendar for them. In this article, i would like to share 9 really useful jQuery Event Calendar and Date Picker plugins that every web designers and developers should know.

1. FullCalendar

FullCalendar is a famous jQuery calendar plugin which offers features like drag-and-drop, integration with Google Calendar and able to fetch events through JSON. Designers can easily customize the look and feel of the calendar, while developers can utilize the exposed hooks for user-triggered events.

2. Astonishing iCal-like Calendar

This is a tutorial which uses both jQuery and CSS to build an iPhone styled calendar application. The author also implement the Coda-like effect for the popup event.
Astonishing iCal-like Calendar

3. jQuery UI Datepicker

The jQuery UI Datepicker is a highly configurable plugin that adds date picker functionality to your pages. You can customize the date format and language, restrict the selectable date ranges and add in buttons and other navigation options easily.
jQuery UI Datepicker

4. jMonthCalendar

jMonthCalendar supports full month calendar and events. The interesting part of this plugin is it allows developers to interact with the calendar.

5. Date Picker

Date Picker is a jQuery calendar plugin released under MIT and GPL licenses. It has a lot of options and features. For example, you can have multiple calendars in the component, mark dates as special days, easy to customize through CSS and allow different selection modes. All these can be easily setup though the configuration options.
Date Picker

6. jQuery Week Calendar

jQuery Week Calendar is a plugin which will include a weekly calendar in the web application. The events can be supplied as an array or JSON, and these events can be easily drag, drop and resize. There are a lot of options and event callbacks which you can refer through the official plugin page.
jQuery Week Calendar

7. Simple jQuery Date-picker Plugin

This is a very simple date picker plugin. However, it provides a lot of useful and necessary features for a date picker. For example, you can easily navigate to the months and years through the drop down selection boxes.
Simple jQuery Date-picker Plugin

8. jQuery Date Picker Plugin

This is an clean, unobtrusive plugin for jQuery which allows you to easily add date picker to your web forms and pages. There are a lot of configurations and options for this simple plugin. You can refer to the plugin page for more examples of how to use this plugin.
jQuery Date Picker Plugin

9. jQuery Interactive Date Range Picker

This powerful date range picker is a modified version of jQuery UI’s Datepicker component. It has a quicker date selection from a list of preset dates/ranges and a smooth transitions. The latest version uses the jQuery UI 1.7 and jQuery UI CSS Framework. With the power of jQuery UI, user can now switch the calendar theme easily.
jQuery Interactive Date Range Picker


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