Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Difference between ASP.NET Web services and .NET Remoting


Difference between ASP.NET Web services and .NET Remoting

1. Web services can only be accessed over HTTP whereas .NET Remoting can be accessed over various protocols like TCP, HTTP etc.
2. Web services operate in a stateless environment since its HTTP, a stateless protocol whereas .NET remoting support state management (as in through Singleton and SingleCall objects)
3. Web services are more reliable than .NET Remoting.
4. Web services are easy to create and use while .NET Remoting are complex  to be created.
5. Web services support heterogeneous environments i.e. support interoperability across platforms, on the other hand .NET remoting requires client to be built using .NET, thus it does'nt support heterogeneous environment.
6. Web Services support datatypes defined in the XSD type system while .NET remoting provides support for rich type system using binary communication.

Channels and Remote Object

Now that you know what exactly  .NET Remoting is, we will study on working with how this is implemented. First requirement is a Channel, i.e. the medium through the which the messages would be transferred. The remote objects are to communicate with one another and channels do this transport job of communication. The two existing channels are HttpChannel and TCPChannel.
We have three types of that can be used as a Remote Object. They are:
  • Server Activated Objects: They are of two types:
    • Single Call: They are those objects that can service only one request..
    •  Singleton Objects: These objects share data service multiple clients.
  • Client-Activated Objects: They are the ones which are activated once they get a call from the client.


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