Monday, November 11, 2013

General HR questions for Interview process


 General HR questions

1. Tell about yourself and job
2. Tell about current project
3. What are sequence diagrams, collaboration diagrams and difference between them
4. What is your role in the current project and what kinds of responsibilites you are handling
5. What is the team size and how do you ensure quality of code
6. What is the S/W model used in the project. What are the optimization techniques used. Give examples.
7. What are the SDLC phases you have invloved
8. About educational background
9. About work experience
10. About area of work
11. Current salary, why are looking for a change and about notice period About company strength, verticals, clients, domains etc.
12. Rate yourself in different areas of .NET and SQL
13. About procsses followed
14. Notice period
15. Appraisal process
16. About effort estimation
17. Whether salary negotiable
18. Why are looking for a change
19. How fo you appraise a person
20. Do you think CMM process takes time
21. About peer reviews
22. About educational background, work experience, and area of work 


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