Thursday, September 10, 2009

DRUPAL image in block on front page of DRUPAL.


The DRUPAL image to block front page published (as shown on below figure) can be insert from the admin menu page of your site by using the menus link from block. Configure what block content appears in your site's sidebars and other regions.

How to insert image to block on your DRUPAL site

1. Login to your site.

2. Go to Administer->>Site Building->>Block



3. Add block. Fill up the block description and block title. On the block body, you may use the html language to insert your image. See the below html language for your example. Make sure you already upload the image file to your server. For example, the source images are from src="/files/logo/opensourceCMS.jpg". You can set the size of your images border by setting up your width and height. Save Block.



4. Configure your image block by selecting the weight of your block from -10 to 10. You may put your block on your left sidebar or right sidebar. Save block.


5. These what you get.



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